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The Quarterback Connection is a meeting place for quarterbacks, their teammates, and fans. Our new blog provides weekly commentary, perspective, and facts about quarterbacks at the high school, college, and pro levels. Kim McQuilken, a former consensus All America QB at Lehigh University, third round draft choice of the Atlanta Falcons, and eight year veteran of the NFL, is joined by former teammates, coaches, sports writers, and commentators to bring a fresh perspective to the Quarterback Room.

Fast Facts

In the 2023-24 season the NFL has once again exceeded 60 different QB starters. The final regular season number is 66 and second only to last year’s 68. The Cleveland Browns led the league with five different starting QBs and they made the playoffs!
Here is the list of the nine NFL teams that required only one starting QB for the entire regular season:

BILLS:  Josh Allen

BUCCANEERS:  Baker Mayfield


COWBOYS:  Dak Prescott

DOLPHINS:  Tua Tagovailoa

EAGLES:  Jalen Hurts

LIONS:  Jared Goff

PACKERS:   Jordan Love

SAINTS:   Derek Carr

Quarterbacks are a unique breed of cat

They walk a little differently, they talk a little differently, and they act like there is no tomorrow. They are described as leaders, poised, and even courageous. They are the calm in the storm. They are confident, and yes, frequently cocky.

They are mentally strong and emotionally stable. They are the straw that stirs the drink. When they speak, they look you in the eye. They motivate. They know who to talk up and who to break down in a huddle and in life.

They are coachable, but at the same time, they are independent thinkers. They are risk-takers, gamblers, and gunslingers. They can take the heat and invariably defer praise to those around them. And yes, the quarterback usually gets the girl. 


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